There are so many wonderful reasons why statistics is important to learn, so I have listed three reasons that matter to most people!

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  1. Battle the ignorance...learn the truth!

    Learning statistics allows you to not be easily swayed by causal statistical interpretations mentioned on the TV news or news articles.

    For Example:

    Fox News anchors recently blamed higher poverty levels on "the divorce rate going up." Upon Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin's divorce, ABC News exclaimed that the divorce was "50 percent and climbing"!

    These are lies!

    Divorces rates have been dropping within the last three decades. If the trend continues, 66% of marriages will never end in divorce. There is also a large difference between marriage success of college-educated couples and that of not college-educated couples.

    Educate yourself here: New York Times article.

  3. Make a Difference

    Statistics is integral in a vast number of fields!

    Public Service:
    Statistical analysis helped promote understanding of human rights issues in Syria, Columbia, and Guatemala.

    Barack Obama's 2012 presidential campaign won votes using statistical science!

    Health and Environment:

    Statistics scientists help endangered species, such as our majestic elephants.

    Biostatisticians in NASA help protect astronauts well-being in space and conduct research on sustaining life on other planets!

    Get involved with machine learning and artifical intelligence!

    Data analysts advise businesses life Etsy, LinkedIn, and Facebook on decisions that lead to success.

  5. Money

    This matters to a lot of people (for me, I'm more of a passion-seeker).
    It's a no-brainer! There is a growing demand for statisticians. The salaries for a data scientist ranges between $80,000 to $150,000.


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