There's much debate over whether or not standardized tests provide a fair measurement of intelligence across the nation. A student's socioeconomic background can depend on how well he or she performs on these tests. For example, a student who comes from an upper class environment may have more academic advantages than a student from the lower class. Non-profit organizations like KhanAcademy are trying to "even the playing field" by providing free test prep resources.

Nevertheless, many students and parents find themselves lost on the education track. And the truth is, standardized tests will probably stick around as a requirement for students to take for their college applications.

"Learning happens in the minds and souls, not in the databases of multiple-choice tests."
- Ken Robinson


First, it's Important to make sure that the Classic Academic Track is for YOU.

What is the Classic Academic Track?

Elementary to Junior High to High School to Junior College or 4-year University to Bachelors's Degree to Master's Degree and maybe to PhD

LIFE is NOT a ONE-WAY path that we all mozy down. NOW, We live in a society where we can challenge the NORMAL pathways. We can be trailblazers! After all, aren't the paths we walk on now once unique, too?