Hi, I'm Sacha.

I’m a math-wiz and excellent in teaching. I spend my time freelancing services, researching academic trends, networking with other like-minded individuals, building curriculum for SAT/ACT, and consulting with parents, students, and small businesses. My students enjoy my teaching style and the parents are very happy.

My idea of fun includes yoga, rock climbing, playing music, singing, DIYs (currently dabbling with computer programming) and especially reading — random textbooks, of course.

Knowledge is my trade. I’m friendly and eager to help so feel free to reach out anytime…

Creating Change from Outside In

Many people ask me why I still tutor--why I haven’t progressed through the "normal" path of earning teaching credentials and landing a job at a grade school. My answer is simple: flowing with the current isn't my style.

It's definitely tempting to "follow the path". I love school (I know, strange, right?)! I had a great experience and had truly amazing teachers. But, I think many people, if asked, would agree that our public education system is not working for everyone (ok "everyone" might be too idealistic...but c'mon...the system isn't even working for the majority!). It is certainly not a "one-size-fits-all" as advertised. So, why should I put myself in a position where it's very unlikely for me to make change?

From outside the system, as a tutor, I can help the individual student. This is the perspective we should all understand: the perspective of the individual.

Be a part of the movement that Transforms Education!

Current Shenanigans!

Nowadays, I tutor in-person in Orange County and via Skype for students anywhere in the world (thanks, Technology!). You can find me tutoring SAT/ACT/Math 2 at Laura Demko Tutoring, LLC Newport Beach office, or frequenting University of California, Irvine (UCI) campus, auditing graduate courses and preparing myself for graduate studies in Fall 2017.

Why Math?

Everyone always gives me a perplexed look on their face when I tell them I have a Bachelor degree in Mathematics and a minor in Statistics. Most people are even more surprised when they learn that my first major of interest was actually Comparative Literature.

But, strange as it may seem, my love for both sides of the academic spectrum -- glorious Humanities and skillful STEM -- helps me maintain flexibility in teaching and relatability with all types of students.

But, let's answer your question...Why math?

Well, it all started my freshman year of college in 2009: I became an instructor at the Mathnasium Learning Center in Irvine. There I gained valuable training in teaching K-12th. I quickly learned how to connect well with the kids and became very successful teaching them. So, I switched my major to Mathematics and expanded my tutoring experience through a hodgepodge of people, places, and subjects (check out the resume).

Math gets such a bad-rap. Most people find it:

  • Hard
  • Annoying
  • Gross
  • Confusing
  • Frustrating
  • Terrible
  • Frightening, etc.

You may not believe me, but Math is actually beautiful and powerful!

Through many of my students, I learned that getting them confident in math boosted their confidence in so many other things!

Student + Their way of learning + Time
= Understanding math
= Self Confidence
= Power
= Happiness
= (sometimes not always) Love for math

Of course, math was not always easy for me: I can still remember pestering professors with my fastidious notes and incessant questions. But I truly believe that anyone can learn math! So far, I haven't been proven false.