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Before you begin your test prep journey, make sure that this track suits you. If you find that it does, then great!

I can show you how to breakdown the complexities of the test and beat the deceptively crafty questions. I can teach you the simplest and most effective tricks, strategies, and techniques.

My 2016 students improved an average of 4.6 points on the ACT and 180 points on the SAT after an average tutorial of 18 hours.

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Standardized tests are a large part of college applications. Nowadays, high school students have enormous to-do-lists for getting into college--it’s outrageous! Transcripts, letters of recommendations, awards, certificates, scholarship applications, club leadership roles, sports, college essays, college applications, AP tests, tests, tests, tests...

Test prep can be overwhelming especially if you're on your own. 1000-page study guide, 500 vocabulary words, unfamiliar tips & strategies, 225 minutes to answer 170 questions plus a timed-essay!


  1. Full Guidance

    Most students start their journey with full guidance from a professional. If you're considering this track, one-on-one tutoring is the best choice. It is the #1 way to get the most value from the time, energy, and funds you invest.

  2. Independent Work

    Most students do NOT start with independent work, but it is always a goal. I start training my students for independent studying on day 1.

    DIY resources:

  3. Hybrid Study

    A few students feel comfortable starting with a hybrid program. These are usually high-scoring students who do not necessarily need the typical 24-hour tutorial.


I tutor the SAT, ACT, and Math 2 Subject Test through the lovely Laura Demko Tutoring, LLC. I am currently available for skype and in-office (Newport Beach) tutorials.