Philosophies and Methods

Personalized Experience

With one-on-one instruction, I can adapt your lessons with respect to your unique set of skills, schedule, needs, and goals. Unlike big tutoring companies who work with hundreds of students, I focus on a handful of students at a time.

Your learning, your questions, your homework, your goals, on your time.

the Goldilocks Approach

If a student is over-taught or under-taught, they can typically feel frustrated, hopeless, unconfident, and unfocused. "Just-Right" teaching is very important to me. I find out what my students need to know in order to succeed in their courses. I constantly check for understanding and assess their progress.

Optimized Learning

I take and decode the exorbitant amount of information your need to learn and create an effective, personalized, and flexible program.

Conceptual Understanding

Teaching concepts first is paramount for retention. Most students that do rote-memorization or "cram," will not be as success as students who truly understand the concepts. The what-for's and why's are just as important as the how-to's.

Expertise & Honest Communication

Chances are you were referred by a friend or professional that was very satisfied with my work. The wide appreciation is largely credited to exceptional expertise and honest consulting.

No one likes burnt toast...

Let's face it...SAT, ACT, GRE, AP, math, and statistics is not the most exciting thing to learn. Most prep companies offer "boot-camp" structured classes that usually last 4 hours per day. You can experience a weary group of 15-20 kids, unforgiving thermostat, monotone instructor, florescent lighting, and a bland school classroom. Our students have the advantage of receiving our 2 hour max. lessons in the comfort of their own home at their chosen time of day. No need to wake up and rush across town -- enjoy sleeping in, cook a nice breakfast (possibly, pancakes!), and maybe brush up on last week's lesson before your instructor happily arrives... Learning environments and methods of teaching strongly influence memory retention and recall. Knowing this, we make sure to teach in a simplistic, efficient, and engaging manner.