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Educator Career

My experience in the education industry dates back to Sept 2009 and has taken an indefinite halt July 2019. Almost 10 years! I have collaborated with 8+ private, public, for-profit, and not-for-profit organizations. I have helped all age groups and a full spectrum of learning abilities. I have handled a wide range of subject levels spanning from pre-K to college mathematics and statistics, AP courses, and test prep. I have even played a role in management, business development, hiring, training, and curriculum building for companies such as Mathnasium and Laura Demko Tutoring, LLC.

Some organizations and estimated number of minds I've worked with...

Irvine Valley College (85), Prime Academy (100), College Blueprint (500), FLEX Academy in Irvine (50), Focus Academy (30), Prep by Prep (150), UCI (100+), Long Beach Unified School District (500), Mathnasium (300+), Laura Demko Tutoring (70+), Orange County Families (200+)...

Fun Facts

  • 10+ tutoring public and private organizations I've worked with.
  • 500+ students I've influenced.
  • 3124 miles was the farthest student.
  • 4-72 is the age range I've tutored.
  • 72 years old was my oldest student.