Projects and Presentations


MommyWorks is a passion project that my husband and I started to build early 2019. Within my STEM network I noticed many women eventually forced to choose between family and work. I was curious to know how much of this was true throughout the country, so I did a little research. One of the articles I read states that "nearly half of US female scientists leave full-time science [careers] after first child" compared with a much lower proportion of men in similar situations.

I thought wow, there's an opportunity: a highly-skilled labor pool is essentially ignored simply because many job opportunities aren't designed to be flexible enough to accommodate these women. Good news is there do exist companies that notice this opportunity of highly-skilled women and are making adjustments accordingly.

MommyWorks is an online job board that connects progressive companies with the modern female workforce.

IPAs and APIs Meetup Group

Since August 2015, I run a tech meetup group with my husband. We are a modern interpretation of the Ancient Greek symposium: we try to tackle the latest trends in technology as we hop from brewery to brewery trying the best beer in all of Orange County. Topics in the past: Machine Learning, APIs, Blockchain, Data Science, Data Visualization, NoSQL databases, Data Centers, JS frameworks, Agile Development, and more...

Indeed Salary Predictor Tool

The tool uses NLP models to predict salary range for technology jobs using scraped data from the Indeed platform. The original idea was to build a tool that allows users to download their resumes/cvs and provides estimates on appropriate salary and job position titles based on work location. This was for an NLP course I took Winter 2019. I'm thinking of building off of this so to include it as a bonus feature in MommyWorks. And, I'll actually be testing it out for my job hunt.

Github repo

Stack Overflow Gender Analysis

Longitudinal analysis on the proportion of gender using the technology workforce data from the annual Stack Overflow surveys from 2014 to 2018. This was actually my favorite grad school project. It's applicable to what many of us care about: gender equality. And it provided many challenges that most statisticians face with real-world data: missingness, natural biases, and safe interpretability. It's easy to see results and stay objective, especially when it comes to something like gender bias investigation. I wanted so badly to prove that the US was most progressive bridging the gap among genders, but the results have to be noted with important caveats.

Github repo

Triboro Beverage Marketing Analysis

Stormcloud Development is my husband's company and one of their biggest client is Triboro Beverage. Occasionally, I'll do some analysis reports on their online traffic and e-commerce records, so that they can improve their marketing efforts.

Association for Women in Science, UC Irvine

AWIS was an organization that I was involved with during graduate school. Their outreach program needed a database to host events that needed volunteers. I joined the small team whose purpose was to build the database. I coined the term G.O.O.D (Graduate Opportunity Outreach Database). I built the data schema and backend, while my husband built the Laravel based front-end api. Once I graduated and Kai was born, we passed along the project to the other team members.

POET Presentation

An end of the quarter presentation I gave for my reinforcement learning course. This is a review on POET (Paired Open-Ended Trailblazer) made by Uber Labs.

Common Statistics Errors Presentation


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